Code Coverage from Cypress End-to-End Test

Sat Jun 19 2021

Testing is an important part of software engineering. It helps shipping code faster while making sure our application works properly when changes are made. It makes sure unintended bugs are identified proactively before application moves into production. But how do we know when our tests are enough... Read →

Understanding microservice architecture

Sun Jun 07 2020

Microservices is a buzz word in the world of Software Engineering architecture. It has completely changed the way we build our applications nowadays. But what the heck are microservices? Microservice is simply an architectural approach based on building an application as a collection of small servi... Read →

Calling C code with cgo

Thu Aug 22 2019

C has long being the lingua-franca of programming. While programming languages, frameworks, tools e.t.c. come and go, this general-purpose, low level language developed at Bells Lab by Dennis Ritchie has been around for decades and shows no sign of fading. This is largely because of its closeness t... Read →

Symmetric Encryption in JavaScript

Wed Apr 17 2019

Symmetric-key algorithm is a cryptographic algorithm that uses the same cryptographic key for both encrypting of plaintext and decrypting of ciphertext. It means that two or more parties can share this same secret key to maintain a private data. This algorithm is pretty fast and suitable for encryp... Read →